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Are You SURE Your Cleaning Company Has DISINFECTED Your Space?

Germ Wrap Disinfection KILLs What Cleaning Companies Leave Behind! #GetGermWrapped

Are You SURE Your Cleaning Company Has DISINFECTED Your Space?

GermWrap Disinfection KILLs What Cleaning Companies Leave Behind! #GetGermWrapped


Aids in preventing the spread of Covid-19

Child and pet safe

Routine and emergency applications

US EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant

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What is GermWrap?

Every day we are surrounded by germs that cause disease and sickness, but regular cleaning doesn’t get into the hard-to-reach places. GermWrap offers you a healthier, more efficient way to disinfect your living and workspaces.

Our electrostatic disinfectant application provides 360 degrees of comprehensive solution coverage, eliminating 99.9999% of hidden germs. It’s the hassle-free, mobile way to a healthier space.

It’s the most comprehensive and effective way to disinfect killing 99.9999% of germs.

What We Do

GermWrap Advantage:

  • Provides a touchless application
  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • Eliminates 99.9999% of pathogens
  • Reduces labor and chemical costs
  • Disinfects an entire room in seconds
  • Provides 360° of comprehensive coverage

About Us

The direct connections between cleaning for health is becoming better understood, and the facility decision makers are recognizing that effective cleaning and disinfection helps with breaking the chain of pathogen mobility.They realized that cleaning for health ties directly into what most facilities want so the need was born. The two found the most innovative technology to fulfill the need of total disinfection. They partnered with the inventor of an electrostatic spraying system to apply electrostatic technology to disinfectants. The two were amazed how ionizing the water base disinfection solution would wrap around the objects that were sprayed. Soon thereafter, GermWrap was born with location in Houston and Central and South Texas. Little did the founders know how great a need there is for this innovative motive for disinfection not just in the medical space, but in the transportation, education, manufacturing, athletics, day care, and residential spaces. GermWrap continues to grow everyday with new customers all while servicing their existing customers with the same great customer service they developed from their medical device careers. Give GermWrap a call today to get a more comprehensive demonstration today!

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The two founders of GermWrap have a combined 20 years of experience in the medical device arena. They were responsible for supporting capital equipment through service in locations like: intensive care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, med-surg floors, labor and delivery departments in hospitals, emergency medical services facility and ambulances, as well as surgery centers. The founders both were responsible for millions of dollars in revenue year after year with proven successful careers. They noticed the lack of attention that was put into cleaning and disinfecting the equipment they were responsible for, as well as the outdated methods used for disinfecting in the facilities they were working in. Today, cleaning is about a lot more than making facilities look good. GermWrap is committed to providing exceptional electrostatic disinfectant services, creating healthier spaces and healthier people.

Fastest Disinfection Central Texas

Fastest Disinfection Central Texas

Choosing the right commercial disinfection services company has never been crucial, like before, during this Covid-19 period. With so many commercial cleaning services out there, choosing the perfect company that can handle the extra rigor work needed to disinfect your premises effectively can be challenging. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when searching for commercial disinfection services to help separate underperformers from industry professionals.

Industry Best Practices For Commercial Disinfection

Best practices for commercial cleaning and disinfection must be followed when cleaning your facilities during this pandemic. Proper cleaning and disinfection is a science that requires experienced cleaners. Commercial disinfection services should be able to control and prevent this virus and other pathogens from spreading around your facility.

How Commercial Disinfection Company Set Themselves Apart

With the constant threat of coronavirus, what measures do experienced commercial disinfection company put in place to make sure your facility is being disinfected. At GermWrap, we use proven industry techniques, commercial disinfection best practices, and EPA-recommended cleaning products, as well as CDC-recommended methods. For instance: 

The first thing commercial disinfection service will do is to prevent the spread of the virus. At GermWrap, we use microfiber cloth systems that help prevent cross-contamination in your facility.

Different areas require different chemicals and cleaners. Our trained staff knows how to disinfect the different parts of your facility. Not every cleaning chemical will cut it during a pandemic. At GermWrap, we use the EPA-certified cleaning solution to combat the novel virus.  

Applying a cleaning solution and just wiped on the surface is not enough. We follow the prescribed dwell times for all our cleaning solutions. For instance, the cleaning solution must be left for some time before being wiped off to clean and disinfect properly.  

All our employees are professionally trained, and we do not subcontract our staff so you can ensure that everyone in your facility is trained in best practices and held to our high standards. It’s time to call us if your cleaning company or prospective disinfection company isn’t taking the required steps to provide your facility with the best clean. 

We Use The Right Tools & Chemicals For Commercial Disinfecting Services

Modern cleaning problems require advanced solutions. This means adopting newer, and more effective technologies for commercial disinfection. Using the right method and incorporating the right technology can make all the difference when cleaning and disinfecting your facility. At GermWrap, we provide deep cleaning service on all non-porous and hard surfaces and ensure that each part of your facility is well cleaned.

Effective Disinfection Services

Having the right disinfection services is very important during this pandemic. If you are unhappy with your current cleaning company or are in the market for commercial cleaning and disinfection services, GermWrap can help. We offer the fastest disinfection in Central Texas. Our cleaning services include residential disinfection services, medical disinfection services, office disinfection services, school disinfection services, industrial disinfection services, and many more. Call us at (832) 612-7740 to get started.






Fastest Disinfection Central Texas

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Fastest Disinfection Central Texas Fastest Disinfection Central Texas

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